Babi specialises in all-in-ones for newborn babies to age 1. We do not offer larger sizes however if you are looking for something in particular please contact us. We may be able to source it for you.

There are no standard sizes for baby clothing. There will be variations in sizing between brands. To make it easier for you, in some cases we have included the manufacturer’s size and the length of the outfit from neck to crutch in the product information.

This table is useful as a rough guide:




Newborn & premature


0 - 3 months


3 - 6 months


6 - 12 months


10 - 18 months

For premature and NICU babies, sizes are guided by your baby’s weight. We will generally offer sizes from 1 to 4 kgs.

If you are buying a gift we suggest you purchase 000 or 00. Babies grow out of newborn and 0000 sizes very quickly so a slightly larger size will mean that your gift is worn and loved for longer. We also suggest that you keep in mind the season when deciding on a gift.